Moving with Kids: Smart Tips for An Easy Move

moving-housePreparing for a move with children is a lot more challenging than if you only have yourself to worry about. After all, you don’t stop being a parent, as you prepare to relocate, and your responsibilities only double or triple. You’re not only packing your life, but theirs too. Can you imagine the kind of stress that you’ll have to deal with? This is why it is highly recommended that you find a removalist to take care of the packing and moving, so you can tackle everything else.

How to Move with Kids – Easily

You have to admit that a move is likely to be hardest on children. You can just imagine the tantrums that could follow your announcement. They’re leaving friends, schoolmates and neighbours they’re familiar with. The impact of starting all over again can be daunting for them. So even if you need to juggle between hiring services that removalists in Sydney has to offer, and finding a new school for your kids, you need to prepare your children for the move. Like, really get them ready.

1. Openly discuss the move with them

The best way to prepare your children to relocate is to talk about it. Explain to them why there is a need to transfer to another place, and why it is unavoidable. Be patient, and answer queries truthfully and honestly. If your announcement is received with crying and negative reaction, know that it is likely because they’re focused on the frightening aspects of the move. It is a major change in their life, after all. Once the dust settles, so to speak, tell them about the positive effects of relocating and what they’re likely to find and enjoy in their new home. Make this part of the process a priority, before you decide to find a removalist.

2. Show them around

Talking about the rewards of a move is one thing. Showing your children what they’re going to love about the new place would prove advantageous. If possible, explore the house and show them around the neighbourhood. Drive by their new school and other things that will get them excited to relocate. If there’s one thing they like about the new place, talk about it some more, until they fully appreciate what the move can mean to them.

3. Get the children involved in the plan

Even with services a Central Coast removalist offers to help you pack your home and unpack it when you reach your new destination, you still need to create a moving plan. The most basic would be to create a checklist of what needs to be done and when. This is the perfect time to get your children involved and excited for the move. Start as early as one month before your scheduled move to start the relocation process. Your plan must not end when all your stuff are loaded into a removalist’s truck. It should also include what you and your children would need while en route to your new destination.

4. Stay optimistic about the move

If your children will see and sense how positive you are about relocating, they will feel the same way too. Something must be wonderful about the new place if you look excited and happy. This will ease their worries and make them anticipate the more positive side of moving to another home and destination. Positivity should begin long before you find a removalist to help you out.

5. Give them their own tasks

Can you imagine how chaotic your house will become when removalists arrive to start packing, while your children are running around the house? The services a removalist in Sydney has to offer may be designed for your convenience, but kids getting in the way could have an adverse effect. If you give children their own task, they’re likely to stay well out of the way and do something productive. This is also one way to protect them from the risk and hazard that may come with packing and moving heavy furniture or fragile items.

Have them pack their toys and other stuff. Provide them with the packing tools they need, except for anything sharp, and make sure they label their boxes accordingly. Making your kids part of the entire process will not only help ease the stress, but get them excited with the move as well. With your children happily agreeing to a move, you can find a removalist without the worries. Pro Removals Sydney is your best moving partner for a fast and hassle-free relocation. Contact us today. Let’s talk about making your move easy, whether you have kids or not.