Packing Boxes Sydney | What You Need for Packing

Did you know that packing boxes Sydney can be made easier by following just one tip? It is something that should already be a common knowledge, yet people still choose to ignore this step. They might think that it is an unnecessary thing to accomplish. However, this can actually be the deciding factor whether your move can be a success or a failure.

Believe it or not, having the proper packing tools will be your saving grace when packing boxes Sydney. Why? Would you consider a move with some of your items broken, deformed, or misplaced a success? You can prevent that by packing your boxes the right way. Here’s what you need to make it possible:


Essential Tools for Packing Boxes Sydney


Boxes of Various Sizes

Boxes do not belong to the “all size fits all” category. You need to consider their size and weight because it will be essential for proper packing. For example, you intend to bring along a lot of books. Which size of box do you think is the best pick to pack them away? That’s right; it will be the small boxes. Why?

Let’s say you own up to 80 pieces of hardbound books. The accumulated weight of it will surely be too heavy to carry in just one trip. A large box might be able to gather everything together, but it is very inconvenient once it needs to be lifted and moved. It will end up too heavy, and it might compromise the boxes’ form and durability.

Remember: Items that will accumulate a lot of weight when grouped together should be packed in smaller boxes. Lighter items (such as curtains, bed sheets, pillow cases, etc.) are the ideal contents of larger sized boxes.


There are different kinds of tapes that will differ in abilities and functions. Do not just simply grab a spare tape lying around your house; it might not be the right kind of tape for your needs. Here is a short introduction to tapes according to their uses:

  • Scotch Tape – This is the kind of tape you usually find somewhere in your house. It is perfect for daily light usage, such as sealing envelopes, sticking paper on a surface, etc. However, it is not great to use for packing. Its adhesive will not be strong enough to hold your box together.
  • Shipping Tape – This tape is usually brown in color. It is cheap yet strong enough to hold your boxes. Its water-resistant feature just shows how sticky and reliable its adhesive is. It is perfect for your average packing boxes Sydney.
  • Duct Tape – Using a duct tape will surely support the weight of your heavy boxes. It is extremely resilient, making it perfect for any heavy duty packing.


Bubble Wrap

Make your fragile items be invulnerable by wrapping them with bubble wraps. By using this wrap, you will prevent any shock from shattering your fragile items. They make great shock absorbers and stress relievers!

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