Upon completion of that long and painstaking mission of hunting for your dream dwelling and going through the formality of signing the paperwork, you are now ready to move into your new abode.

However, to make the process of moving in smoother and devoid of stress, you have the opportunity to get some vital moving home tips from one of the most experienced and professional eastern suburbs removalists.

If you get the opportunity to get in contact with the previous owners, ask them politely to inform you if the house will be left in a neat and tidy condition as the last thing you need is to be cleaning up before moving in. Use some of the time available to take a look at the surrounding area as much as possible and get a feeling for your new environment as well as getting a solid understanding of things such as local amenities. If possible, try to make multiple visits, take measurements and see what will fit where.

Take a few minutes to have a look through these tips and make your move much more straightforward.

  1. Before contacting the furniture removers, make a list of your possessions to give yourself and the movers an idea of how many boxes will be required and at what size. Label the boxes accordingly, depending on whether or not the objects stored in them are heavy, fragile or require any extra care when being transported as well as getting an idea of knowing where to place each box. We will also be able to determine if any special materials or specific types of packing would be required for these particular items.
  2. Moving house can be hard enough at times but there’s no doubt that the level of stress can be increased if you have young children or even pets to worry about. Arrange for a friend or relative to watch over them, allowing you to focus purely on the tasks at hand for practical as well as safety reasons.
  3. Make up some home cards with your new address and telephone number if there is one and give these out to friends and relatives. Inform employers, bank, doctor and all the people you feel are relevant and need to be aware of the change of address as soon as possible.
  4. When you arrive at your new place, it’s essential you have the practical things such as running water, electricity, telephone line and maybe even the internet connected from the day you move in. As soon as you have an exact date to move in, let everybody know including utilities as some of these could take a few weeks to set up and get fully functional.
  5. What sets us aside from most eastern suburbs removalists, is our packing and unpacking services. To save you time and energy, we recommend you take advantage of this while also making it clear in advance which of the work you require the movers to do.
  6. If you are moving out of rented accommodation, your previous deposit will obviously be a welcome financial boost when moving as costs can quickly build up. Some landlords can play it tough when it comes to handing this back and will look for ways to justify a reduction from the total amount, so spend a decent amount of time tidying the place you are moving out of, making sure there are no items damaged and the inventory is as it was on the tenancy agreement when you moved in, even down to the smallest details.
  7. Whenever you are looking for removals in Sydney, or Parramatta removalists, it is always better to make your reservation weeks in advance. Try to contact your movers as soon as you have a moving in date if possible.
  8. There is sometimes grey area regarding insurance of items during the moving process. It is always better to double check before hand to find out if your possessions need to be insured.
  9. Moving house is also a good opportunity to clear out and move on some of things you have accumulated over the years that you no longer require. Organise a boot sale, put things up for sale using sites such as Craigslist or social media outlets while some items could even be donated, especially clothes that are still in decent condition.
  10. Remember to make arrangements with the local post office in regards to the redirection of your mail. This will require a small fee but its absolutely essential and can save a great deal of grief and possible expense if you do it as quickly as possible.

We hope that there is plenty you can take from these tips in order to make your move as straightforward as possible. Follow some of these guidelines and with the help of expert eastern suburbs removalists, moving into your dream home will be a smooth experience.