Packing Services & Removals Sydney

Moving is exciting. Packing all your belongings is not. But with Pro Removals packing services in Sydney, you can afford to just sit back and relax, while professional office movers and furniture removalists do their work. They offer comprehensive and extensive assistance for a stress-free relocation. Of course, if you want to do some of your packing, you can make the right arrangements with the movers. It’s as simple as talking to them and letting them know what you want to happen.

Pro Packing Services Tips 

Have a packing plan ready

When moving, it is important that you have a plan for just about everything related to it. Relocating far away, for example, would mean your things will be traveling long distances by road or air. They can get juggled and shuffled in between. So you need to pack them very carefully. One packing mistake will cost you time, money, and effort, especially if you end up retracing your steps to determine how you can rectify the problem. So even with the packing service Sydney has today, you must have a plan in mind. It pays to know what you must do, when to do it, and not miss anything.

Organise how you pack

Most people make the mistake of packing one thing only to realise, there is still plenty of stuff left out of the box. They also leave the packing to the last minute. The packing services Sydney has can be hired and done in less than a week, there are other factors in the move that need to be taken care of. This is why it is highly recommended to start making plans, a month before the moving date. Yes, a month is what you need to do:

  • Sort through all your things, and decide what to keep and what to donate or give away.
  • Start using up things you don’t want to relocate with you, such as cleaning supplies and food.
  • Separate valuables from non-valuable items.
  • Make a decision on whether to start packing and shipping before your scheduled arrival.
  • Make arrangements with removalists early, so they can still accommodate you.

Upon arrival at your new destination, verify and take an inventory before you sign the bill of lading and let the movers leave.

Pack by room

What better way to stay organised than to pack by room? There’s no rule as to where you start, just that you pack the kitchen and bedroom last. You’ll need a place to cook and sleep until moving day. Unless, you make other arrangements, of course. Label every box properly, especially where they should go, so unpacking will be just as hassle-free. It will be such a waste of time and effort if you need to open all boxes to determine what goes where.

Know which packing items you need

The kind of packing services Sydney has today says a lot about how every aspect of a move is well-thought-out. There’s a box size for your every need and protective wraps for fragile items.

    • Boxes of every size – small, medium, large
    • Foam wraps Foam planks
    • Bubble cushions

Specialised packaging for electronics and high-value items

Anything you want packed, especially fragile items, will be wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in cartons, and sealed with tape. Carton sizes that support the appropriate weight are also available. Every item will be handled with caution, so your belongings will reach their new destination in the same quality and condition they left.

Hire furniture removal service

Moving furniture is the one thing you shouldn’t do on your own, even when you choose to take the DIY route. Some of them are heavy, and can easily have dents and scratches with one false move. You don’t want to destroy your furniture long before it is moved. But with the help of comprehensive packing services, every piece of furniture will be handled with care. You will also have access to furniture moving equipment, such as moving pads, furniture dollies, and belts. Most importantly, you avoid the risk of breaking your back, stubbing your toe, and utter exhaustion.

Why Hire Pro Removalists Sydney?

Every move is unique. But Pro Removalists guarantees a moving team that can easily adapt to your needs and location. Our full packing service is guaranteed to make your move hassle-free and enjoyable. We pack the day prior to the moving appointment you booked. However, when there are big volumes of belongings involved, our team may come in to pack in advance and label boxes according to content and destination. Our packing services also include unpacking your belongings upon reaching their destination. We carefully unbox, unwrap, and place items where you want them. Talk to us about your moving needs today.