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Hurstville Removalists

About Hurstville Removalists Serviced Area:

Hurstville is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia located 16 km south of the city. It is part of the St. George area under the administrative center of the City of Hurstville. The suburb has become a central business district for most of the southern suburbs. The area is known to be multiethnic with many commercial and residential buildings. Hurstville features numerous retail shops, banks and financial institutions.

The name “Hurstville” was coined from English terms “hurst” and “ville” meaning wooden eminence and town. The area’s first inhabitants were the Australian Aborigines, the Eora tribe who resided along Georges River. During the European settlement on 1808, the land where the suburb stands was granted to two men named Captain John Townson and Robert Townson who was supposed to use it for the farming of sheep for wool. Since the land wasn’t suitable, they never got the chance to occupy it and just sold it to a wealthy merchant named Simeon Lord on 1812. The town was then referred to as Lord’s Forest and later became property of John Rose Holden and James Holt when Lord died.

The main commercial area of Hurstville is found along Forest Road on the northern side of the railway station. Commercial developments could also be found along the surrounding streets from Queens Road to The Avenue on the southern area of the railway station. The largest shopping centre of the suburb is Westfield Hurstville located in St. George area which is built over three blocks and stretches from Crofts Street, Park Avenue to The Avenue. Hurstville Central is another famous small shopping centre found on top of the Hurstville Railway Station.

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